What happens at Jelly Jam?

fun music sessions Cambridge

At Jelly Jam Music, every week is different!

We start off each session with a simple activity to focus us. This might be clapping a simple rhythm, learning new musical ideas with the aid of flash cards, or singing a fun song.

Sometimes, we pretend to be dinosaurs waking up (a firm favorite!), flying fairies that twinkle to the sound of the triangle, or we might put on our ‘listening ears’, and listen to a piece of music to see how it sparks our imaginations.

Then we might pull out the boomwhackers (coloured tubes that produce musical notes), and take turns conducting our friends. Sometimes we get to have a go on trombones, violins, flutes, or other cool instruments – we even to get to play the recycling!

We look at music from many different areas of the world, across all styles and genres.